Philadelphia Eagles Tickets

Philadelphia Eagles Tickets

Philadelphia Eagles Tickets

The Philadelphia Eages, founded in 1933, were named after the symbol of President FDR’s “New Deal.”  The Eagles have only had two Super Bowl appearences, but they have one of the most avid fan bases in the NFL.  The Eagles stemmed from a franchise that went bankrupt in 1931.  This team was called the Frankford Yellow Jackets.  If you are looking to get sold out Philadelphia Eagles tickets for their home games, you have come to the right place.  Super Football Tickets has Eagles tickets for both hame and away games.  If you are an Eagles fanatic, get your tickets to see the Eagles today!


Philadelphia Eagles Stats

  • For the 2008-2009 season, the Eagles are currently 3-3-0
  • For the season ending in 2008, the Eagles were 7-9-0
  • The Philadelphia Eagles’ home field is Lincoln Financial Field
  • The Philadelphia Eagles have appeared in two Super Bowls

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowls

  • The Philadelphia Eagles have not won a Super Bowl yet.

Philadelphia Eagles 2008 Schedule

  • Sun. 7 – Eagles vs Rams tickets
  • Mon. 15 – Eagles vs Cowboys tickets
  • Sun. 21 – Eagles vs Steelers tickets
  • Sun. 28 – Eagles vs Bears tickets
  • Sun. 5 – Eagles vs Redskins tickets
  • Sun. 12 – Eagles vs 49ers tickets
  • Sun. 26 – Eagles vs Falcons tickets
  • Sun. 2 – Eagles vs Seahawks tickets
  • Sun. 9 – Eagles vs Giants tickets
  • Sun. 16 – Eagles vs Bengals tickets
  • Sun. 23 – Eagles vs Ravens tickets
  • Thu. 27 – Eagles vs Cardinals tickets
  • Sun. 7 – Eagles vs Giants tickets
  • Mon. 15 – Eagles vs Browns tickets
  • Sun. 21 – Eagles vs Redskins tickets
  • Sun. 28 – Eagles vs Cowboys tickets

Philadelphia Eagles Facts

  • The Philadelphia Eagles help start the first Ronald McDonals House.
  • The devotion of Eagles fans is reflected in Eagles tickets sales.  The wait list for season tickets is 60,000 people long and almost every single home game is always sold out.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles versed the Brooklyn Dodgers (the football team) in 1933.  This game popularized football on TV as it was the first professional game to be broadcast on a major telivision network.
  • The 1988 Eagles defense was nicknamed “Gang Green.”

Philadelphia Eagles Tickets