Minnesota Vikings Tickets

Minnesota Vikings Tickets

Minnesota Vikings Tickets

The Minnesota Vikings are known for being one of the strongest NFL teams.  Their defense has been called the Purple People Eaters, and the Vikings’ offense scored a then record 556 points in the 1998 season.  Founded in 1961, the Vikings even won their first regular season games against the Chicago Bears, 37-13.  The Vikings have also played in four Super Bowls.  If you want tickets to the next Vikings game, get them now from Super Football Tickets.  We have Minnesota Vikings tickets and parking passes for both home and away games.  Just scroll down to find the moment in Vikings history that you want to be a part of.  Oh, and don’t forget to bring your Helga Hat!


Minnesota Vikings Stats

  • For the 2008-2009 season, the Vikings are currently 2-3-0
  • For the season ending in 2008, the Vikings were 8-8-0
  • The Minnesota Vikings’ home field is the Metrodome
  • The Minnesota Vikings have played in four Super Bowls

Minnesota Vikings Super Bowls

  • The Minnesota Vikings have not won a Super Bowl yet.

Minnesota Vikings 2008 Schedule

  • Vikings vs Packers tickets – September 8
  • Vikings vs Colts tickets – September 14
  • Vikings vs Panthers tickets – September 21
  • Vikings vs Titans tickets – September 28
  • Vikings vs Saints tickets – October 6
  • Vikings vs Lions tickets – October 12
  • Vikings vs Bears tickets – October 19
  • Vikings vs Texans tickets – November 2
  • Vikings vs Packers tickets – November 9
  • Vikings vs Buccaneers tickets – November 16
  • Vikings vs Jaguars tickets – November 23
  • Vikings vs Bears tickets – November 30
  • Vikings vs Lions tickets – December 7
  • Vikings vs Cardinals tickets – December 14
  • Vikings vs Falcons tickets – December 21
  • Vikings vs Giants tickets – December 28

Minnesota Vikings Facts

  • The Vikings’ mascot is called Ragnar, he is played by Joseph Juranitch, who also holds the record for fastest beard shave with an axe.
  • The Vikings’ fight song is called “Skol, Vikings.”
  • At every home game the Vikings sound a Viking horn whenever there is a big play or a touchdown.  Additionally, they fire a cannon whenever there is a touchdown.
  • If you have Vikings tickets, you are encouraged to bring a “Helga Hat” to show team spirit.  The “Helga Hat” is a purple hat with white horns and blond braids.  There are also “Helga Helmets.”

Minnesota Vikings Tickets