Detroit Lions Tickets

Detroit Lions Tickets

Detroit Lions Tickets

The Detroit Lions, who call Ford Field their home, are almost outside the 50 year curse of Bobby Lane.  The Lions were orginally based in Portsmouth, Ohio and called the Portsmouth Spartans.  The Lions even entered the NFL as the Spartans, as it wasn’t until 1934 when the Lions moved to Detriot and were renamed the Detroit Lions.  The Lions have made 4 NFL Championship appearences, but have yet to qualify for a Super Bowl.  Many fans feel this is the curse of Bobby Lane.  Bobby Lane declared “the Lions won’t win another Championship for 50 years,” in 1958 as he left for Pittsburgh.  If you want to see the Lions break the curse of Bobby Lane, get Detriot Lions tickets from Super Football Tickets.  Super Football Tickets has Detroit Lions parking passes and ticket packages as well.


Detroit Lions Stats

  • For the 2008-2009 season, the Lions are currently 0-4-0
  • For the season ending in 2008, the Lions were 7-9-0
  • The Detroit Lions’ home field is Ford Field in Detroit, MI
  • The Detroit Lions have yet to qualify for a Super Bowl

Detroit Lions Super Bowls

  • The Detroit Lions have not won a Super Bowl yet

Detroit Lions 2008 Schedule

  • Sunday, September 7 – Lions vs Falcons tickets
  • Sunday, September 14 – Lions vs Packers tickets
  • Sunday, September 21 – Lions vs 49ers tickets
  • Sunday, October 5 – Lions vs Bears tickets
  • Sunday, October 12 – Lions vs Vikings tickets
  • Sunday, October 19 – Lions vs Texans tickets
  • Sunday, October 26 – Lions vs Redskins tickets
  • Sunday, November 2 – Lions vs Bears tickets
  • Sunday, November 9 – Lions vs Jaguars tickets
  • Sunday, November 16 – Lions vs Panthers tickets
  • Sunday, November 23 – Lions vs Buccaneers tickets
  • Thursday, November 27 – Lions vs Titans tickets
  • Sunday, December 7 – Lions vs Vikings tickets
  • Sunday, December 14 – Lions vs Colts tickets
  • Sunday, December 21 – Lions vs Saints tickets
  • Sunday, December 28 – Lions vs Packers tickets

Detroit Lions Facts

  • The Detroit Lions are were named based off of the Detroit Tigers (Detroit’s baseball team).
  • The Lions’ lion mascot / logo is nicknamed Bubbles by fans.
  • In 2002 when the Detroit Lions’ tickets for their home games did not sell out 72 hours before the game started, the games were blacked out on TV networks for 75 miles around Detroit.

Detroit Lions Tickets