NFL Oakland Raiders Spotlight

Strap on your spiked shoulder pads and apply your war paint and get down
to McAfee Coliseum, home of your Oakland Raiders. Even with the
disappointing seasons as of late Raiders Nation is alive and as faithful
as ever. It is no secret that this once-proud franchise has hit a rough
patch the last few seasons that seemed to stem from the heartbreaking
Super Bowl loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Bolstering a miserable
24-72 record since that loss the Raiders and their proud union of
die-hard fans hope to turn things around starting with the upcoming 2009

Come watch future franchise quarterback hopeful JaMarcus Russell, young
stud running back Darren McFadden, and All Pro cornerback Nnamdi
Asomugha work towards turning this one time playoff worthy and storied
franchise around and to get back to their winning ways. Throw on your
favorite player’s jersey, slap on some black and silver war paint and
head down to McAfee Coliseum to watch your boys in black in the battle
of the gridiron all season long.

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